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This New York Post article refers to FreeMarkets’ decision in January of 2003 to cut 7 percent of its
global workforce, which included 50 jobs in Pittsburgh. It is completely false to claim these jobs
were outsourced. The India office was created prior to Dave becoming CEO and independently
run by Amit Bhatia in India. Those jobs were completely independent of any jobs in Pittsburgh.

Hear directly from Dave's former FreeMarkets colleagues:

“When we bought FreeMarkets, Dave insisted on keeping jobs in Pittsburgh. It really mattered to
him as part of the transaction. In fact, he pushed for us to move jobs from California to Pittsburgh.
Dave was one of the most important leaders in the revitalization of Pittsburgh — he worked hard to
create and save jobs in the city.” - Bob Calderoni, Former CEO of Ariba

“As an early investor and board member at FreeMarkets, I saw firsthand the company’s explosive
growth, and particularly Dave’s role in creating and importing many hundreds of jobs in the
Pittsburgh economy. His and the company’s accomplishments were foundational to the next
generation of tech startups in the region, with many FreeMarkets alums now in leadership roles in
dozens of companies.” - Sean Sebastian, Former Board Member, FreeMarkets Inc.

“I had the privilege of working directly for Dave when he started at FreeMarkets. I can speak
firsthand he always kept the employees’ best interests as the top of his management priorities.
FreeMarkets created hundreds of well-paying jobs within Pittsburgh. One of the many legacies of
FreeMarkets in Pittsburgh, and elsewhere, is the people. It was an incredible experience and one
that bonds many of this today.” – Gregg Cooper, Former Director of Global Account Management,
FreeMarkets Inc.

“I was hired in 1999 by Glen Meakem to build a new organization in India long before David
became CEO. It was 100% new and completely independent of any of our other FreeMarkets
locations. Our India office supported marquee India clients such as Tata Motors, Reliance, Dabur
and Indo Rama alongside our global clients such as Carrier and Smithkline Beecham enabling
global --- 24 hour a day/365 days a year --- support. Any support provided by the India office had
zero impact on Pittsburgh jobs or operations. Any suggestion that jobs were moved from
Pittsburgh to India is patently false and nothing more than an attempt to rewrite the history of
success at FreeMarkets.” – Amit Bhatia, Former VP and Country Manager, FreeMarkets India